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Our longevity and success over the years have been attributable to our integrity and the competency of our counsel which are unparalleled in our fields of law. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and we act with civility and professionalism in all our encounters. Our endeavor for excellence, as evidenced by the dedication and skills of our attorneys and staff, combined with our commitment to aggressively represent the interests of our clients, make us a leader in the legal community.

Our success is also attributable to our ability to tailor our legal representation to meet the particular policies and philosophy of each individual client. We are committed to responding and adapting to our clients’ ever changing needs in the legal arena. For example, if a client desires to quickly dispose of a claim, we work to prepare defenses and quickly negotiate settlements in the amounts desired. On the other hand, if our client’s desire is to resist what is considered to be a non-meritorious claim, then we work to forcefully defend the claim at trial and on any appeal. If our client desires a combination of these two approaches, we are in close contact with our client to selectively choose one or another method for each particular claim. The result is the most effective legal representation possible at the most reasonable cost.

Lacey & Jones is committed to providing our clients with the finest legal services with an emphasis on personal contact and reasonable fees. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of our attorneys directly.

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