Driedric v. State of Michigan, Chippewa Regional Correctional Facility, 2018 ACO #9October 2018

1. PROCEDURAL HISTORY a. Magistrate grants open award b. Defendant argues no pathological change 2. FACTS a. Cancer/pre-existing hernia b. Plaintiff chases an inmate, notices bulge in abdomen; question of physical contact c. Treating physician’s history lacks details on pre-existing condition 3. DECISION a. WCAC reverses given treating doctor’s lack of knowledge about the specifics […]

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Kelley v. General Motors, 2018 ACO #14October 2018

1. PROCEDURAL HISTORY a. Magistrate ruled in favor of plaintiff b. Magistrate found defendant erroneously reduced plaintiff’s benefits when it included plaintiff’s Social Security disability benefits in the formula used to coordinate pension 2. FACTS a. Pursuant to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the UAW, defendant changed policy as to pension disability benefits being […]

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Arnett v. Tradesmen International, 2018 ACO #20October 2018

1. PROCEDURAL HISTORY a. Magistrate Timmons is partially reversed and partially remanded. Both parties appeal the findings and calculations as it relates to a partial disability rate 2. FACTS a. Plaintiff injured his back lifting re-rod and received full disability benefits two years, then partial disability benefits until terminated on IME b. Plaintiff had a […]

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